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Monday, 31 October 2011

Monday Meditation Musings

I recently realised that we were coming up to the two year anniversairy of Monday Meditation Musings! 

This is such a real milestone for me .. who would have thought .. some simple thoughts (ie musings) about meditation that are now shared with a tribe of readers extending across the globe .. and in return I am receive regular emails from you all about your own meditation practice and thoughts (keep them coming, I love to hear from everyone).

I wrote the first 50 or so Musings when inspiration tapped me on the shoulder .. like being drawn outside for a bit of sunshine that would inspired me to meditate and then I would write something about Meditating Barefoot in The Grass (Feb 2010); or a weekend away down the coast inspired a Musing on Present Moment Awareness (Jan 2010).   Then,  when I wanted to explore a little deeper into some other meditation traditions ..  the Chakra series (Nov 2010 to Jan 2011), and the Kundalini and Metta practices that followed. 

For the past month I have been looking at some of the common challenges found when starting and maintaining a meditation practice.  We have all been there .. I promise!  Sometimes life is just too full of 'other stuff' and there never seems to be the time to extract ourselves from the busy ness.  Sometimes we feel guilty taking time out, even when we know it makes us feel better and live better.  It is good to know that we all share some of these challenges .. and that there might be an antidote that we can share as well.

.. and so my intention lately has been to ‘fling open the window and bring our concerns into the bright and warm spring weather .. to explore the best way to handle the Challenges of Meditation’So far we have looked at the first four challenges that came to mind :

#1 Procrastination
#2 Not Preparing a Meditation Space
#3 Not Reflecting on your Intention
#4 Not committing to a Time 
And, I suspect there will be another dozen challenges (at least) that will have their time in the bright spring light.

If you would like a little meditation inspiration and motivation sent to your inbox each Monday morning .. JOIN UP by emailing me at sarah@quietmind.com.au ..

And please let me know about what challenges you in your meditation practice?

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