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Friday, 11 March 2011

The Muse Awakens!

Welcome the year of the Metal Rabbit! And one of the key phrases representing this years is ... 'the muse awakens!'

So last week when I was offered the wonderful opportunity to attend a Vision Board Workshop at The Colour Lab Store and Cafe in Prahran ~ I knew the muse was calling!

Vision Boards are a creative exercise in discovering what your dreams are for life ahead .. you could make up a monthly vision board, or a yearly or even a special project or focussed board.

In our Workshop with Melody we first explored what our life dreams might be (that is a magnificent treat in itself .. just having some time to wander, dream and expand!) ~ and Melody then led us through a guided visualisation meditation where we were free to explore our 'dream life' and center and balance ourselves. Creativity and insight are two qualities that we find in more abundance when we have a regular meditation practice. Cultivating a clear and more spacious mind allows our intuition to shine, and suddenly all sorts of random information fit together to produce a new reality, the answer to a question .. or the best possible business idea ever!

We then dived into mountains of fabulous magazines to find images and/or words that captivated, inspired, aligned and resonated with us for whatever reason. I cut with abandon .. masses of pictures that simply captured my heart (or my head), stunned me with colour, or held words that caught me in the moment. Then, as the afternoon progressed we began to place our images on our large board in line with the Feng Shui 'Bagua' (or system of placement).

My Vision Board now sits near my work desk and each morning I spend some time just gazing .. reflecting .. seeing which images capture me and why .. and reconnecting with my own journey for the day.

If you are interested in doing a Vision Board Workshop then I would recommend you check out The Colour Lab Store and Cafe at 385 High Street Prahran or check out their blog at www.thecolourlabstoreandcafe.blogspot.com

Bring on the muse!

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