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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Retreat Beat


Ever found yourself yearning for some real time away from the routine and grind of the day to day? Time to explore your meditation practice .. or yoga practice .. or just some space and time to think and clarify and explore?

Well over a year ago I responded to the regular requests of .. 'could I recommend a meditation retreat'?.. and set up a new blog Retreat Beat

Only thing was, then life took off .. and a year has now flown past and I have not had the time to nourish my new blog .. and definitely not had time to attend any retreats! But in recent weeks I have had a yearning to take some time out and refresh my own meditation practice, and wellbeing, and attend another retreat. It may be just a single day .. or a longer retreat (and why have three people already this year suggested I take the plunge and join them in visiting India .. with sooooo many retreat options, a veritable smorgasboard!).

I am not sure what will be the next step .. but it will come. And I do have a renewed interest in tapping into this area and sharing Retreat experiences on the Retreat Beat blog.

So with the next breath .. we start again. Like meditation with every breath we have the opportunity to reconnect with our practice.

CALLING .. bloggers who might like to share their retreat experience! Go to www.retreatbeat.blogspot.com and leave a comment. I am also doing some research for some retreats that I know are coming up this year in Australia (with some truly amazing people and some delicious venues) which I shall put up as soon as I am allowed to :)

This should be fun!


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  1. Great resource to have on hand - thanks Sarah



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