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Saturday, 26 February 2011

New 5-week Meditation Series

Exploring Meditation Program

Tue evenings : Parkdale Yacht Club : 1st March

Wed evenings : The Karma Studio (S'ham) : 2nd March


An excellent beginners program introducing the 'art and science of meditation'. Run over five weeks this is a wonderful opportunity to explore, discuss and de-mystify this ancient life skill : meditation.

Explore a range of different meditation techniques in a supportive, engaging and fun class. Our teaching style is relaxed and practical .. a straightforward approach that aims to make meditation accessible and enjoyable.

We shall explore :

* core concepts that apply to all meditation
* the 'how' and 'why'
* stress and how to better manage
* a variety of different technques .. some short 'spot' meditations and longer practices
* trouble-shoot common hurdles
* measuring progress
* starting a daily meditation practice.

A five week Program gives us the opportunity to learn, practice and discuss ~ and there is a workbook to take home to support your home practice. The Exploring Meditation Program is $150 (but only $135 each if you bring a friend).

Bookings essential for all classes. Contact Sarah to register your place on quietmind@dodo.com.au or 0417 403 714


  1. Great music! It is so good to see meditation spreading throughout the world. It is helping to make this a more compassionate and joyous world. Namaste.


  2. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in meditation. I found the meditation techniques we learnt were great and each week there was a short teaching time/discussion which provided much inspiring food for thought.



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