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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Letter to a new meditator ...

Ahh summer days .. lazy days of sunshine, salt and sand, bleached hair, late nights .. today I had an hour at the beach to read in the sun, meet a new friend, watch the girls training on their boards .. easy days.
I had grabbed a couple of magazines that I had been meaning to read. Opened the current January 2011 edition of Australia Yoga Journal .. and read the most wonderful article by Sally Kempton 'Letter to a new Meditator' .. I felt like I could have been reading my own words .. in fact so many of the analogies and words she used I have been known to utter myself .. by the end I was convinced that I must have read and taken ownership of her exact philosophy, or perhaps we are all connected in ways that all of a sudden seemed so obvious!
Starting with ...
"If I had to tell you only one thing about meditation, it would be this: meditation is your personal experiment, performed in the laboatory of your own mind and body. Your practice will be inspired by teachers and guided by the practices that the great explorers of meditation have handed down to us. Yet in the end, the form your practice takes is uniquely yours."
I loved this article .. I have now found it on Sally's website and highly highly recommend that you take a cup of coffee, turn on your favourite music and enjoy the read .. especially if you are new to meditation. I simply couldn't put it better myself.

*Daisy chains made by your 13yo on a lazy summer day .. and placed into a heart for a photograph .. are the perfect summer activity*

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