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Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Experience of Meditation

Such exciting news .. and a great start to 2011!

'RedBalloon is changing gifting in Australia forever'

RedBalloon give experiences! From gift vouchers to vibrant gift boxes, to that special and unique experience that someone has always wanted to do .. hot air ballooning, jet boat racing in Sydney Harbour, massage, race driving ... and now Meditation!

I heard Naomi Simpson (CEO and Founder of RedBalloon) give a talk following her win of the 2008 national Telstra Business Womens Award .. an inspiring story and an inspiring speaker! I have also been following her amazingly successful journey via her blog .. and her appearance on television (2010 included Secret Millionaire and mentoring a new business on Kochies Business Builders).

SO .. when I found there was no Meditation classes available at RedBalloon ... I sent an email!

.. and I am so excited that now YOU can now gift the amazing life skill of meditation to those who need a tool to self manage their stress and find a little 'chill' .. just click RedBalloon and Meditation Classes at RedBalloon

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