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Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Quiet Mind Gift List .. Part One

I was inspired this year (by an online blog friend) to consider turning my list of 'favourite things' into a holiday gift guide, and since I am often asked for my thoughts about a good book, a good service, a good meditation cushion .. here is my first list. Please note that these are simply my favourite things (currently) and no money has or will ever change hands .. I just love these products and/or people and appreciate their offering to our lives. (After starting this list I realised that in fact I could easily make up two lists .. so this is Part One .. with Part Two coming in the next couple of days) ..

Healed : with the sun shining and light summer dresses and strappy sandals on show .. we really do need to address the health and beauty of our feet. If you do yoga as I do, and frequently gaze upon your feet (in dismay at the disorder and general unkeptedness) then its time to go visit Healed On Line for 'uniquely natural products that nourish, protect and soothe dry, damaged and stressed skin' at www.healedonline.com

StudOm3 : Need some inspiration to move body and mind? If you are interested in trying yoga, or a more energetic pole dance class, then you must visit my new friend Lisa at StudOm3 'a place to be moved'. This year I finally found Lisa and YIN YOGA and I am definitely in awe of them both .. I truly love this practice. Lisa is an accomplished yoga and pole dance instructor with a beautiful soul .. find out more at www.studom3.com.au

Ganesa Incense : By far my favourite incense ever! I especially love the Ganesh Special blend which is ? .. plus you can purchase these online and they will package them up and deliver them amazingly quickly. There are 40 superb fragrances, and they are cased in a beautiful water hyacinth container www.ganesaincense.com

Mindfulness Clock and Meditation Timer from The Natural Lifestyle Company. There are three Zen Alarm Clocks in the range (mine is the walnut Digital Zen Alarm Clock) and they are all perfect for use as an alarm clock (to wake gently in the morning), as a yoga/meditation practice timer, or as a 'mindfulness bell'. I love my clock and use it for meditation as well as a general purpose clock around the house. Go to http://www.natural-lifestyle.com.au/ I also interviewed Jenny from The Natutal Lifestyle Company ealier this year in Focus On (here)

New World Music : an amazing resource for music, meditation instruction CDs, healing and wellbeing resources. I have a selection of music CDs that I love and at a recent workshops New World Music provided me with a bundle of sample CDs to share with my friends. compilations for 'soothing the spirit, relaxing the body and stilling the mind' check out http://www.newworldmusic.com/

I read recently from one of my favourite blogs -
Abundance Blog at Marelisa Online - that research shows it is the gift of an experience that make people happier .. as opposed to material goods. The reasons that have come from a recent study reflect that the reasons for this are:

* Experiences are open to positive re-interpretation
* Our society highly values accomplishing goals and challenging oneself.
* Experiences have deeper personal meaning than possession .. you get to ‘live’ an experience, rather than a material gift that is just ‘there’
* Experiences are more pleasurable to talk about.
* The social aspect of experiences : you do it with a group or someone else and thus share the experience.

So from my own little 'store' .. consider giving:

The Gift Of Peace and Stillness : we have Quiet Mind Meditation Gift Certificates which can be made out for any amount, to attend a workshop, five week Exploring Meditation Program or for some private one-on-one meditation coaching. Since we consider meditation a life skill .. this is the ultimate gift for Christmas!

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  1. I love the idea of giving a gift certificate for an experience rather than more material possessions - we all have enough 'stuff!'



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