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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Pupils focus better after meditating in Maribyrnong

Dr Sue Smith with Footscray students. Pictures: DAVID SMITH

Interesting article in the local newspaper this week .. reporting on a study into meditation and Buddhist education at a local primary school.

It is so fantastic to read the .. not only is this a local Melbourne based study .. but also that some of our local school are showing themselves to be open to new thought and new practices (funny given the practice of meditation is millenium-old).
Last year I completed Teacher Training with Relax Kids, a brilliant program for introducing stillness and meditation to children of all ages. If you are interesting in introducing your children to some simple meditation practices please have a look at the Relax Kids website .. there are plenty of free resources available online (you can also click on the link in this blog to purchase CDs, Books, Cards etc). The Relax Kids program has been running within the UK school system for a while now .. Go kids!

Pupils focus better after meditating in Maribyrnong
Article from Maribyrnong Leader, 16 Aug 10 by Anthea Cannon

EVERY teacher’s quest for a calm and focused class may be more than a dream, with meditation scoring results with some of Maribyrnong’s junior students.

In the first study into the effects of Buddhist education, Victoria University PhD graduate Sue Smith found grade 3 to 6 students were happier, had improved concentration, coped with anxieties and felt greater kindness toward themselves and others.

Dr Smith said the study of 12 schools showed Buddhist-inspired meditation had an important place in education without being religious.

“Consistently the children were marking themselves in the positive category after meditation (a happy face rating),” she said. “Even if they marked the same face twice they would say that although they didn’t feel better, they were definitely calmer,” she said.

“They’d mention their mind felt brighter, they were less worried.”

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