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This is a quiet space .. designed to inspire, nurture and support your meditation practice so that you might find your own quiet mind

Monday, 17 May 2010

A Taste of Meditation

TUESDAY 18th MAY at 7.00pm

A 1.5hr introduction to the wonderful practice of Meditation. Meditation allows us to find the 'pause' button in our busy, noisy, non-stop world. People meditate for many reasons .. to relax, let go of stress, improve health, develop greater focus and awareness, inspire creative thinking, cope better with change and the demands of life .. and discover some inner peace and clarity. We shall look at some of the key principles of all meditation, experience a relaxing guided meditation and review a shorter 'spot' meditation. There will be some notes to take home as well!

This is an excellent introduction to the practice of meditation, our approach is practical, straightforward and non-religious; and our classes are conducted sitting on a chair (although you can bring a mat or cushion if you prefer). Taste of Meditation Workshop $25.

Bookings essential for all classes. Contact Sarah to register your place on quietmind@dodo.com.au or 0417 403 714

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