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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Meditation in the news ..

Goldie Hawn in talks with Tories to set up British school which teaches children breathing exercises (Daily Mail)

As part of Conservative plans to 'shake up' the education system, shadow schools secretary Michael Gove has met with the Hollywood actress to discuss her 'MindUp' teaching programme which she promotes through her charity the Hawn Foundation. The MindUp teaching method is used in some U.S. schools to improve concentration and incorporates eastern meditation, based on breathing exercises to help boost knowledge and concentration. The curriculum is designed for children from K to 7 and includes fifteen lessons across four units which include titles such as Quieting the Mind: Sharpening the Focus and Mindful of Ourselves in the World.
Full article here

Meditation May Boost Mood and Mental Toughnesss (LiveScience)

Referring to recent research (published in the current edition of journal Emotion) a strudy has found that meditation exercises could boost mental toughness in soldiers readying for war, keeping them from becoming overly emotional. The study found that mindfulness training, which teaches people how to stay alert and in the moment without becoming emotional (giving them a kind of "mental armor"), improved the moods of U.S. Marines preparing for deployment to Iraq. Practicing mindfulness also improved a type of memory that enables people to complete complex mental tasks.

The exercises included include focused breathing and meditation-like sessions. (Past research has found such exercises decrease stress and even prevent relapses in patients with depression.)
Full article here

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