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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Your meditation journey

"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart" – Wordsworth

I think that is what I do here .. fill my little blog with breathings from my heart. And I love to read and engage with the many magical and inspiring people across our world who share their heart-words with us online .. or in books, poetry, artwork, music ...

I also know there are many many hundreds of people who visit me here .. in my meditation blog-space .. taking the time to visit, stop by for a while . sometimes leaving a comment or hello!

BUT now I want to hear your breathings!

Would you like to share with me something of your own meditation practice? .. your journey to meditation .. about the where and the how if you like .. share with me/us your own meditation magic and .. there will be a prize!

My beautiful friend Tonia Plack of Essential Health is a woman of many magical talents .. not least her music which fills my home, and often my class, with a musical poetry. I have one of her gorgeous CDs "Oxygen Music" that I would like to gift to someone for their words shared.
A gentle interweaving of melodies and rhythms .. to create a
space for clarity of mind and easement of body. Immerse
into a sense of opening and expanding

Let say that by the finish of the first week of Autumn (March here in Oz) I shall randomly select one of your comments .. and send you your own copy of Oxygen Music.

So .. tell us .. share with us .. your meditation story .. (oh, better keep it to a reasonable number of words or we shall run out of space here in the very small meditation blog-space .. lets say no more than 150 words)

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