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Monday, 11 January 2010

Sitting As A Meditator

10 Steps to Becoming a Better Meditator
Re-printed with permission from Loden Jinpa – originally published April 28, 2008

2.Meditate more.
3.Meditate even more.
4.Meditate even more than that.
5.Meditate when you don’t want to.
6.Meditate when you do.
7.Meditate when you have something to meditate on.
8.Meditate when you don’t.
9.Meditate every day.
10.Keep meditating.

Simple and direct and true!
One of the wonderful blog’s that I subscribe to .. and relish reading for its inspiring words, poignant images and doorways to 'other ways and new thoughts' .. is penned by Ven. Loden Jinpa (Clarke Scott). A Buddhist monk ordained in the Tibetan tradition, he is also a graduate student at the University of Tasmania (just down the road) and is exploring Buddhist philosophy and Philosophy of Mind .. integrating traditional monastic training in Buddhist philosophy with the modern world.

In a recent entry Clarke announced the unfolding of new adventures ahead in 2010 .. one being his hope to establish a contemplative observatory in Tasmania (Tasmanian Institute for Consciousness Studies). A place where people can go to learn meditation and participate in retreats, as well as a centre for a ‘meeting of minds’ bringing together contemplatives, scientists, academics, philosophers and psychologists together to develop a collective understanding of consciousness and the human condition.

Please find out so much more .. and follow the journey .. via Clarke’s new website http://clarkescott.org/



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  2. So sorry about the links .. gremlins! Hopefully this is fixed now. Thank you.



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