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Monday, 2 November 2009

Meditation Classes this week ...

I am starting new daytime Meditation classes this week :
Wednesday 4th Nov
10am to 11am
at the beautiful Sandringham Club

This is a small group setting where we will explore three key meditation themes across six weeks (or you can attend each theme as a two week workshop); and we conduct our classes sitting in chairs.

Let’s Meditate : We will look at the ‘nuts and bolts’ of meditation, the benefits of a regular meditation practice, how to get started, and explore some simple techniques that focus on relaxing the physical body and calming the mind. 4th & 11th Nov

Just Breathe : Almost all meditative traditions begin with a foundation practice of Breath Meditation. The breath is a perfect starting point, it is always with us (sitting, working or hanging out the washing), is immediately available, is a completely natural process, and it brings us quickly into the present moment. We shall explore some shorter 'spot', and longer more traditional, breath meditations. 18th & 25th Nov

Mindfulness Practices : Mindfulness Meditation is about attending to what is going on in the present moment .. moment after moment. Mindfulness practices develop our ability to pay attention to our immediate experience, and when we become fully involved in the present moment, even the most mundane task can focus the mind and help us feel calm and centered. 2nd & 9th Dec

The three themed classes are designed to build on our understanding and experience of Meditation, and provide some regularity to our practice. The full series of six classes is $135, or there is also the option of attending one (or more) of the three 'themes' (two classes across two weeks $50).

* Last series for the year .. find some stillness before the arrival of the 'silly season' *

Registration essential .. call Sarah 0417 403 714 or email quietmind@dodo.com.au

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