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Friday, 30 October 2009

A Revolution in Kindness

During recent cyber-travels I happened upon (one of those wonderful moments when worlds collide) the amazing Jono Fisher and Wake Up Sydney! Jono is see(d-ing) a new dream .. driven by the belief that world peace comes from inner peace, Wake Up Sydney is a platform to connect people .. "accelerating a more kind, creative and conscious world". Some of the guiding principles of Wake Up Sydney! that resonated with me ..

*Before the outer revolution, there must be an inner revolution. The real revolution is a revolution of the heart.
* Allegiance to the Power of Presence. The heart of our work lies in cultivating an awareness of the present moment. Stillness. Being here. Now.
* Reverence for the Interconnection of Life.

Plus .. I loved the Kindness Card Campaign and immediately requested a pack and signed up to participate.

"Kindness is our planet's greatest need - towards ourselves, the natural world and each other. It is about the realization that we are all connected as one human family."

And this week I received my beautifully designed kindness cards.. so I am now set to begin the 'game' of sharing anonymous acts of kindness .. like maybe .. baking a cake and leaving it at work, paying for someones coffee at a cafe, dropping a movie voucher in my neighbours letterbox, arranging for a free yoga class for a friend or leaving groceries on someones doorstep ..

AND leaving a kindness card which 'tags' the person and offers them the chance to 'pay it forward' with another act of kindness .. thus keeping the ripple of kindness going.

Will you find one of my cards? .. go visit Wake Up Sydney! (yes, even if you don't live in Sydney)

"the world can only change from within" Eckhart Tolle

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  1. thanks for stopping by Linda's Yoga Journey! I'll be doing a yoga tour of Australia next July if you'd like to meet up!

    metta to you!



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