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Friday, 28 August 2009

Spring has arrived ...

“In the cycle of nature, Spring is the new year”

Spring .. how magical is it to watch our world slowly awakening from it slumber, witnessing the pulse of nature quickening as we transition to blue skies, perfumed breezes and luscious warm weather.

Can you hear Spring calling? .. the floating warm breeze encouraging us to throw open windows, clean out cupboards, pack away blankets and heaters, and detoxify within & without. Taking the time to harmonize with this natural rhythm honours our connection to the natural world cycle .. embracing the season of rebirth and renewal.

Spring is very much about cleansing, breathing, opening our bodies to the blissful fresh air and sunshine .. so too it can beckon us to consider stretching our personal horizons.

Savour springtime by simplifying and clearing your life .. commit to allowing only those things that truly revitalize mind, body and soul into your spring life.

Shedding the Winter Coat
Finally we can start shedding the ‘winter coat’. In Ayurvedic principles this means lightening up physically, mentally and emotionally : eating lighter and more wholesome foods, practicing yoga, pranayama (breathing techniques) and (of course) meditation to enable prana (life energy) to move more freely within our body. In our homes now is the time to throw open the windows on those sunny days, simplify furnishings, put away clutter, gift those items no longer important in your life, and store away the throws & slippers. Bring in some lighter colours into the home palette, natural, breathable fabrics (cotton, linen, organic), and remember to joyfully freshen the space with fresh flowers, or burn some of the lighter natural oils of the season such as jasmine or rose.

Breathing Easy
When we open up the belly and chest for a deep rejuvenating breathe, we are releasing the old and embracing the new .. good breathing practices nourish us and keep us healthy. Try stretching and warming the body with early morning Sun Salutations (I will post a series here soon). Incorporate some basic breath practices into daily life to reduce stress and cultivate smooth rhythmic breathing (look under Breath on blog list). Try moving your meditation practice outside if the weather is fine. Watching our breath is key for maintaining concentration and ensuring that prana spreads heat equally through the body.

Eating Lighter
Ideally we would always eat according to the season .. selecting and embracing the best produce that nature can offer us. Eating in harmony with the season and local farming is the easiest pathway to good health. In Spring picture yourself the butterfly emerging from the cocoon .. take it slowly and keep it simple .. eat light, easy-to-digest colourful food .. include some organic foods and increase water intake. Have you ever dried chamomile tea in the evening? Very beneficial to the digestive and circulatory system; and also very relaxing.

Tuning in
Taking the time to really be inspired and fascinated by the magic of the season unfolding around you – is a Mindfulness practice. All around us the natural world is breaking free of the cold winter earth .. searching and reaching up to the sun. Take a walk and examine the new buds, the early blooms, and the changing landscape of your neighbourhood .. take your camera and capture some beautiful images to grace your home. Make a list of activities that take you outdoors and incorporate into your weekly life & calendar. Be in awe of the beautiful transformation that is occurring in the world around you .. and find some time to just sit and observe in silence.

Enjoy many a blue sky day!

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