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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Relax Kids

I have just returned from a HUGE adventure .. exploring the world of RELAX KIDSTM
I am full of stories, games and magical dreams to share with you all!
NEW to Australia a fresh batch of Relax Kids Teachers
trained on home soil by the amazing Julie Berquist in Adelaide.
Have you heard about the amazing Relax Kids Program? .. I first found out about Marneta and her wonderful products when I was hunting around the internet for some resources to introduce meditation to children. I am lucky in that my daughter has been exposed to meditation all of her life but other parents had asked me if I could teach their children. This was about four years ago and I found the Relax Kids TM website.. ever since I have been eagerly emailing Marneta to try and do her teacher training (previously only available in the UK). Earlier this year an email arrived announcing the first Relax Kids training in Australia. There was never a thought that I would'nt attend!

Relax Kids TM is a company and concept created and owned by Marneta Viegas in the UK. For many years Marneta entertained children as a performer and director. She found that the attention span of children was decreasing and having experienced the benefits and peace of meditating since she was a child Marneta decided to create a fun, magical and vibrant program including meditation and visualisation to stimulate and positively impact the growing minds and hearts of the young.

The Relax Kids Magical Mission is to : create calm confident kids in chaotic times, and aims to bring a positive experience based on values to young children and so help to improve their home and school lives.

Much more to add here SOON

If you would like to find out more about Relax Kids TM go visit the amazing website at www.relaxkids.com .. shortly I will be able to offer a selection of the fantastic books, cards and CD's HERE .. and hope to start some classes in the local Melbourne area next term.

If you would like to discuss this wonderful program for your school, after care centre or local community center then please let me know at quietmind@dodo.com.au

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