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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Routines ..

Galleon Cafe, St Kilda

Thanks to Yvonne over at Safe Space Coaching for her timely blog today around Routine that so coincides with where I find myself pondering as well!

Always amazes me (but shouldn’t by now) how people/books/ideas (even blogs) introduce themselves in response to a question or concern we hold in our heart/mind! The past couple of weeks I have also been having an issue with routine or lack thereof .. the need for? the resistance of? the desire to float along open to new ideas and inspiration vs. the desire to knuckle down and make things happen!

My gorgeous, wild and seriously smart (left and right brain) sister is in Melbourne-town and yesterday she took me out of my ‘funk’ (tied to the desk but being totally unproductive!) .. and with some wild abandon I left aside my books/computer/conference notes and to-do-list, in preference for a short drive in the winter sunshine .. we stopped at our favourite haunt Galleon CafĂ© (St Kilda) for something to eat and a totally fantastic coffee. Up against the window with the sun streaming in and warming us both .. we laughed, shared stories and embraced the fact that we were lucky enough (hmm brave enough?) at this point in our lives to escape the rigidity of corporate life .. for something else .. for both of us something not yet defined .. something maturing and changing and evolving.

After many years in the corporate world I am now feeling my way in a new world of no pre-set time frames, or deadlines; no people or processes to manage, no targets to reach! Only my own dreams that are still formulating .. living a more open and embracing life … teaching, writing, living in the world revolving around wellbeing and meditation.

So like Yvonne I am also thinking about what ‘routine’ might look like in my new world. Do I need one? Hmmm .. I think I do .. it sort of appeals to have some structure (even if I throw it off on occassion). So while I didn’t get much done yesterday .. I really enjoyed the serendipity of my day! After a full on weekend at the Meditate09 Conference l think I needed some time and space to ‘process’ all the people met, information shared, discussions, workshops and inspirations (I promise to blog shortly on some of my adventures at the conference).
My new routine must include (these I shall pin up on my vision board to remind me each day):

* A morning of being totally attentive to my child and making a smooth transition to school
* The time and space to enjoy my one and only morning coffee while gently planning out my day
* A walk along the beach at the end of my street with my dog .. he who will sit with me each day while I tap away at the computer
* Time to honour moving the body .. Yoga at our new space both Monday and Wednesday morning starting asap :
* One blog post each day … or maybe every two days depending on the creativity index
* A review of my goals (short and longer term) in regards to Quiet Mind Meditation and the ticking off of an Action Plan to see it happen
* One call each day to a friend .. just to chat and catch up .. because I havent been very good at that lately
* And without doubt .. my day will start with the peace and stillness of my meditation practice!

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