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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Private meditation instruction

I have recently started providing private meditation instruction .. one-on-one. This is a new endeavour for me (other than times I have shared meditation with friends or family) and has been a surprising, nourishing and enjoyable journey. Some people find it difficult to get to group classes, or are just not that 'into' learning new things with others, or perhaps have been ill or work strange hours. Sometimes we also need new inspiration, lack motivation or have out-grown our meditation books or previous instruction.

Private meditation coaching allows us to meet on your ground, within your daily life, and look at techniques and exercises in tune with your unique learning style .. classes can be tailored to meet specific needs, timeframe or individual challenges.

Kind of like having a Meditation Coach .. it’s organic, it grows with you when you are ready to leap to the next stage, and supports you when you need support.

I have made a new friend .. we have laughed together and shared some beautiful time in silence .. in fact we spend more time in silence than in talking .. and yet .. I feel a deep connection and as two beginners (me teaching one-on-one, and my client to meditation) we are both enjoying the ride!

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