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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Meditation Resolutions : update

It’s March .. it's Autumn .. and you can now feel the cooler air and the slower start each morning for the sun to rise and break through. And we are all celebrating the return of rain here in our parched land ..

I reflect on my Meditation Resolutions and have to be honest and say January was not a great start .. BUT February has been wild, hectic, exhilarating and joyful with the excellent start of meditation classes at our wonderful space
Breathe@Parkdale .. so I feel that in February I lived up to my resolution marvellously!

And so now to March .. and my theme was Learning! I am putting myself 'out there' now to find some new meditation experiences, maybe a new class or a new teacher .. and just to reflect on what I have arranged so far :
(1) attended a wonderful three session Buddhist teachings with Gen Kelsang Rabten from the Kadampa Buddhist center.. yes in February but I will be going back for some more teachings with this wonderful, humorous and engaging monk
(2)attended the fantastic Music for Meditation concert at Fed. Square
(3)applied and accepted into the Vipassana/Loving Kindness retreat at the Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery and Retreat Center (June)
(4)entered into my diary to attend the weekend long Meditate09 conference (also in June).

If anyone has any further suggestions .. please let me know!

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