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Friday, 2 January 2009

Turning a fresh page

Wow a new year .. 2009! .. I love that wonderful feeling of turning a fresh page .. the possibilities in starting anew.

Jan 1 has always held a special-ness .. the magic of unkown and endless possibilities and adventures awaiting us.

And into my inbox today have flooded so many new year messages of hope, reflection, inspiration and vision. I have enjoyed reading what others plan to do to honour the fresh new year, especially as the closing of 2008 contained so much worry about financial crises, unemployment concerns and ongoing worldwide problems.

While the start of a new year certainly gives us a new starting line .. that new beginning actually exists for us with each new breath, and with each new day. Stepping into a fresh new canvas can actually happen at any point we choose. So each morning as we rise to a new day we have the opportunity to choose our thoughts, our actions, our path forward and who we choose to share it all with.

I found the post from Andrea Kowalski at
Yoga Journal inspiring .. she wrote of her focus on setting intentions for the new year rather than resolutions .. “As motivating as goals, more forgiving than resolutions, and more conscious than hopes, they help you envision your hightest potential – and align your daily decisions. Take action today to jot down several of your best intentions for the coming year".

And from, the wonderful blog The Happiness Project, I read about Personal Commandments .. short and succinct statements to reflect how we wish to live our lives: Here are my Personal Commandments (first draft and potentially will change as I reflect more over the next few days):

· Live the life I want in every moment

· Do it now
· Remember being 11 yo

· Be present in this one perfect moment

· Don’t rehearse unhappiness or problems

· Find joy and reasons to smile each day

· Be the fun

· Work hard

· Make my dreams come true

· Don’t fill the gaps

· Explore more

· Live and love loud!

Remember to then:

Write it down. It is claimed that by writing down your goals you increase the chances that you’ll accomplish them by 100%.

Put your list where you can see it every day. The best way to keep your Commandments fresh in your awareness, is to keep the list where you are going to see/read it every day. I have pasted the list by my bedside so that each morning I will see it first thing. I plan to read my Commandments then embark on my day .. habituating it into my daily rhythm.

I would love to hear your intentions/resolutions/commandments ..

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