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Monday, 5 January 2009

2009 Meditation Resolutions

[To start my year .. I am reading The Wishing Year]

Today I am back at my corporate life and having had a good and restful break with family and friends .. I actually feel quite empowered by the possibilities and adventures that lie ahead in 2009. I always find this time of the year highly charged with magic .. and there are times (especially in meditation) when I feel so completely ‘in the flow’ that I just know on a deeper level that all is possible!

On the 1st Jan I listed my Personal Commandments for 2009 (see earlier post) – and these are now pasted in the front of my 2009 Inspiration Journal .. and soon will be laminated and parked in my (a) wallet (b) at my desk (c) on my fridge! After all we should try to connected with our vision at every opportunity.

At lunch today I indulged in revisiting some of my favourite blogs (note to self : make a list of fav. blogs to share on this site) and I now feel inspired to put out there my Meditation Resolutions for 2009 .. (although today I am only going to list the first six months) …

Jan 09 : Theme ~ Meditate. Meditate, meditate, meditate. I have a fairly regular morning practice of 30-40 minutes, and I do a lot of ‘spot’ meditations (depending on the chaos of the day) .. but I would like to focus on establishing an evening practice. I think this would bring a wonderful new focus to my meditation .. a freshness and a new awareness! Also, my sister brought me back from the States this amazing book “
The Wishing Year” and while I have just started reading it, I already feel inspired about the potential power of wishing! Once finished reading I will post a little overview.

Feb 09 : Theme ~ New Classes. 2009 is the year I am going to jump in, relish and fearlessly focus on building my meditation classes! I have already agreed to start a new business with one of my best friends who is an amazing yoga teacher. We have found the perfect space for her yoga and my meditation .. and it is all very exciting. While we were both on a yoga and meditation retreat in Bali (way back in 2004!) we both found dreams for our future that were quite different to where we were ‘at’, at the time! Rob wanted to teach yoga .. I wanted to teach meditation. Over the last few years we have both studied (lots), learnt (and been inspired) by others and each started teaching .. we have met some amazing people along the way. February 2009 is the start of Breathe@Parkdale and once we have signed off the final arrangements I will post more details here!

Mar 09 : Theme ~ Learning. We are always students – even when teachers .. and in March 09 I am going to focus on finding and attending as many meditation and yoga classes that I can possible find and fit in! I will read new books, find new blogs and spend the month completely immersed in feeding myself with yoga and meditation knowledge .. and will share with you my journey across Melbourne (and if there is any possibility I will happily fly across Australia and/or overseas) in my quest… if anyone has any suggestions please let me know…

April 09 : Theme ~ Retreat. Finally I will fulfil a long held dream to attend a Vipassana & Loving-kindness Retreat. I have just sent my registration papers to the Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery and Retreat Centre in NSW, and hope to attend the retreat led by Ven. Pannyavaro on the Easter Weekend. I attended some classes with Ven. Pannyavaro when I lived in Sydney. Two previous attempts at attending a Vipassana retreat where interrupted with (a) a new job that took me to the other side of the world; (b) falling pregnant.

May 09 : Theme ~ Expand. In May I will focus on travel – to expand my horizons! I have not done a lot of travelling over the past four years, so I will continue to enter every travel competition I can find, and continue researching and dreaming. First on my list has always been India ~ I have always felt this yearning to travel to this complex and challenging country .. visit temples, live in an ashram, attend yoga schools only read about, explore the diversity, the colour .. the spirit of the place. If not India, then I am open to what the world presents .. Bali (another retreat there would be amazing; this time maybe with Louisa Sear ), or California (to visit my soulful and wise sister, and attend Esalen or Spirit Rock or check out all the yoga and meditation in LA through the Accidental Yogist).

June 09 : Theme ~ Celebrate and Grow. Another milestone year! This month I will celebrate .. celebrate the success of our new yoga/meditation business, celebrate the health and wellbeing of my family and self, celebrate that 2009 has been a fantastic year so far and that there are wonderful surprises and successes still ahead. I have long wanted to teach children meditation/relaxation skills, and have had a lot of requests to do so (with my daughter often discussing her breathing and calming exercises with her friends). I have long had the goal of attend the training program with Relax Kids .. but until now I would have had to travel to the UK ($$$). I have just learnt that Marneta is coming to Australia later this year, so I have signed up! This month I will research and prepare for a different meditation focus ~ sharing the joys of meditation with children.

So now I have shared with the world some of my meditation dreams for 2009!

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