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Sunday, 23 November 2008

28th November : Make Something Day

Join Me for Make Something Day

Today I was so happy to receive a really interesting email from one of my favourite bloggers The Abundance Blog and to hear about the "Buy Nothing Day" on 28th November. Described as a backlash against over-consumption and the havoc we're wrecking on our planet by the over-utilization of our natural resources; it is suggested that for one day (the 28th) we avoid shopping for the day. And with a further, more positive spin on the same idea, is the new movement called "Make Something Day" on the same date; the suggestion being that we make gifts for others rather than spending and shopping. The 28th November is actually the day after Thanksgiving in the US which is typically marked as the busiest shopping day for Americans.

So instead of continuing to consume, collect and pile up with things we really don't need - and tragically so when a large portion of the world exists without even basic human needs being met - here we can all do something more productive and life affirming.

So I too applaud Buy Nothing Day and Make Something Day.

As Australia heads towards our own massive spending season - Christmas - I am going to try even harder to reflect deeply on any purchases I do decide to make - and at the very least try to direct my spending to charities, small businesses and positive gifts. I am also going to try being more creative in my own attempts at making gifts.. and I am going to share this philosophy with everyone I speak with.

In honour of this new idea I have a gift that I am preparing today for you! I shall post this on my site in the next couple of days .. stay tuned!

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