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Friday, 4 July 2008

Warming Up The Body for Meditation

AM and PM Meditation : DVD2 Complete programs, with Rodney Yee and Maritza
(note: this cover is different to the one I purchased in Australia last month)

One of the special gifts I bought for myself at the recent Meditate08 Conference was a DVD by Rodney Yee that I had been secretly coveting for some time. I find that quite regularly I happen upon Rodney Yee books or magazines … Rodney is an inspiring yoga teacher, makes available loads of yoga programs on-line, and some of his asana (when photographed as single poses) are truly beautiful.

I have seen this DVD online but always felt it was a little too much of a luxury .. but my eye was immediately drawn to the
Gaiam exhibitor. I love yoga, and truly value the benefit of yoga for body to mind to meditation.. but have in recent years found myself unable to commit to a regular class outside my home practice.

Finding this particular DVD was ‘meant to be’ and I was so thrilled to find it such a wealth of information on preparing the body for morning meditation; with great preparation instructions for posture work, and a range of really complete exercises that are done while seated to get you ready for your morning meditation! This is an area that I think can really be explored further and something I am going to incorporate into my own practice and also share in classes.

I am sure it is not only me (and my ageing bones) that finds some mornings the body is just as stiff as an old piece of machinery in need of oiling! Creaky.. stiff.. slow.. cranky! So I had another ‘ah-ha’ moment watching Rodney explore ways of moving our body parts first thing in the morning, before settling into our a.m practice…

Here are listed some simple warm-ups to try before your next morning practice and I will get a longer list together as I work through more of the practices:

Neck – With you back straight, relax your neck and let your chin drop down to your chest… then allow the weight of your head to stretch the back of your neck for a couple of breaths. Then try slowly sliding your chin along your collarbone moving the stretch, coming up on one side (ear over your shoulder and face forward), then slowly moving back and head to the other side. Repeat as needed until your neck feels looser.

Shoulders – Try some slow gentle shoulder rolls. Then try clasping your hands behind your back, straighten your arms and lift them gently away from your hips. Hold here to stretch your chest and shoulders.

Back - if your back needs a stretch start with your hands on your knees. Round your back, pressing your navel into your spine as your drop your chin. Hold for a moment and then lift your gaze as you press your chest forward. Repeat both moves until your back moves freely.

Try a few twist with a straight back, press one shoulder back, using your hands to hold you in the twist. You should feel it all the way down your spine, change sides. Repeat.

Sitting muscles – Sitting in a chair, bring the outside of your right foot to the top of your left thigh. Your left leg is bent - enough that you feel a stretch in your right hip, hold for a couple deep breaths and then change sides.

Simple warm-ups will loosen the body before sitting meditation... you will breath more freely.. feel looser and enjoy your experience much more.

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