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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Meditate08 : Conference Workshops

Well my intentions were good.. but alas do you believe it is now July? where did the first half of 2008 go exactly? .. I had all these lofty ambitious plans for sharing recent experiences.. wanted to share some more of the amazing information from the Meditate08 Conference.. but time (and life) has once again forced its own agenda. I did find some time last weekend however to set up a new folder for my meditation library... and in my new bright green folder titled 'Meditate08 and Friends' I have filed away all the brochures, CDs and conference material for future reference. There is such a wealth of knowledge and inspiration in that folder.. and I know I will be dipping in, refreshing my own inspiration, sharing with others and adding to that folder... but right now it sits on my desk and reminds me of how lucky I am to be here.. right now.. walking this path.. being inspired and finding joy in just what fantastic opportunities we have all around us... we just need to stop, for a moment, and watch!


Dr Craig Hassed : Dr Hassad’s Workshop was titled ‘Managing Stress Mindfully’ and he talked about evidence increasingly pointing to mindfulness having clinical applications for conditions as diverse as the management of anxiety, depression, chronic pain and for eating disorders. The workshop demonstrated mindfulness techniques as taught to undergraduates at Monash University and in postgraduate courses through Monash and RACGP and explored ways in which they can be incorporated into daily life.

Eric Harrison : presented a workshop on 'How to be Fully Conscious' showing how easy it is to retain that relaxed and calm quality found from a long meditation through out a busy day. He presented a number of short meditations that can be used to relax quickly and become fully conscious even while walking or doing simply activities. I shall explore more of these ‘spot meditations’ over this month of July.

Janet Lowndes : Janet’s workshop 'Meditate to Relate : Going Inward to Build Healthy Relationships', looked at how the process of inner reflection can enhance outer relationships, beginning with the core relationship with Self – from which all relationships grown. Could meditation be relationship therapy for the spirit?

Paul Bedson : Paul demonstrated how meditation can be used to accept and integrate difficult emotions and thereby transform them into personal strengths and spiritual values.

Graham Williams : Graham looked at no matter how happy our lives we all lose the plot from time to time. This workshop focused on practical techniques easily learnt and which help us accept and ride emotional ups and downs with confidence.

Ma Devi : conducted a workshop 'How to Do Self-Inquiry'. Ma Devi is the immediate past-President of the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia. With Swami Shankarananda she is the co-director of the Shiva School of Meditation and Yoga in Melbourne. Ma Devi gave a practical application of Swami Shankarananda’s talk on Self-Inquiry.. exploring the relationship between thought and feeling, tension and stress, learning practical meditative techniques that free blocked energy.

David Jones & Carmen Warrington :In their workshop, David and Carmen discussed simple, practical steps for enhancing your meditation, taking participants on a beautiful guided meditation and concluding with a ‘soundbath meditation’ using their gorgeous collection of Tibetan, Japanese and crystal singing bowls.

Michael Johnson : Michael’s workshop used music of his harp and its relaxing and soothing tones to lead you into a tranquil and meditative state of mind. After the meditation he finished with a meditative concert, performing some of the pieces inspired by the beautiful natural settings where he has been resident composer.

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