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Sunday, 18 May 2008

What brought you joy today?

Rain, Rain.. don’t go away! We so need you... and this last weekend you have given me an unexpected gift... The weather was scheduled to be cold and raining for the whole weekend... and Saturday ended up apparently being a record cold for Melbourne in May!

But this made it so simple and easy to just stay indoors, no rushing around or need to soak up some sunshine with outdoor activites... instead I turned the heater to a low warm hum and lit some incense, and relaxed in some cosy winter jumpers. This pause in my normal weekend busy-ness gave me the chance to read a little, cook a little, speak less and hear more...

Earlier last week I had a conversation with a local 80yo yogi and my mind was still filled with ’living in the moment’ and 'mindfulness' themes... so the natural flow from this was that I really enjoyed the smaller, special moments that occured over my weekend...

A few years ago I attended a retreat in Bali and spent one luxurious afternoon experiencing a Joy Quest ... meditating and reflecting on the things that gave our lives a little (or a lot) of joy... It’s wonderful to take the time to identify the sweet things or events in life that bring a smile to your face, and make you beam with pure joy ... writing them down in a journal is even better. Being ‘in the moment’ is life meditation!

My weekend’s small moments of joy:

+ holding my six month old neice and almost getting a first kiss
+ cooking a big batch of spicy pumpkin and red lentil soup
+ enjoying my soup with my sister
+ cleaning up my filing pile
+ mopping the floors to a shiny clean
+ sharing a pizza with friend and laughing children
+ new sheets
+ booking in to Eric Harrison meditation workshop in June (go to http://www.melbournemeditationcentre.com.au/)
+ reading the latest edition (just arrived) of my favourite magazine Yoga Journal (http://www.yogajournal.com/)
+ writing up a few blog ideas
+ visiting my local bookshop and indulging in another meditation book ‘Hurry Up And Meditate’ by David Michie
+ taking my dog for a walk when the rain abated

Simple things that bring joy when living with mindfulness...

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