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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Peace Music Satsung

Simply Silence Elwood : Monday 12th May 2008

Jarek Czechowicz joined Simply Silence recently to lead our meditation and present his Peace Music Satsang. The word satsang, is from the ancient Sanskrit language, and means 'meeting in truth'. Jarek has produced a number of CDs and offers an inspiring blend of original modern chants, guided meditation, intuitive music and blissful silence. He led us in a very inspiring and uplifting mantra session Sat Chid Ananda.

Chanting, music, singing, mantra... all can affect us deeply as they have the ability to reach the mind, the physical body and the heart. When a group of strangers find themselves in a room and are asked to chant or recite a mantra – this can often be a very confronting experience. But when we allow ourselves to 'let go' and find our 'voice' it is a truly amazingly experience to be part of ... lead by Jarek and his gentle and confident style, the room slowly began to lose their inhibitions and find their way... the result was quite moving and lovely to hear.

It has been shown that when people hum, their busy hyperactive mind let's go of thoughts. The act of singing (and the deep breathing that is part of singing) encourages us to open our throats, properly use our diaphragm and breathe deeply. Chanting slows down brain activity, suspends for a moment our thinking, and eases our breathing. This produces positive effects on the brain and the nervous system… inducing a relaxed, elevated and meditative state of mind.

Jarek can be found at http://www.jarekc.com/ and hopefully we shall see him at Simply Silence again this year. He is currently on his way up to Sydney (24th and 25th May) and Byron Bay (27th May) and you can see his flyer at http://www.jarekc.com/Chanting-Satsang.pdf.

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