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Saturday, 19 January 2008


Let silence do the heavy lifting
Susan Scott

Each evening I make sure I set my clock for an early morning start. 

Hopefully early during the working week is around 6am. I know, beyond a doubt, that if I give 30-45 minutes for my meditation practice each and every morning... then everything in my life is better!

A regular meditation practice helps me in so many ways ~ mostly by allowing me to move through my busy life being more in touch with 'me'. 

I deal better with the bumps and the curve balls of life. I know that meditation gives me this 'bubble' of deep calm and balance that I can call on when needed.... sure, I still get rattled at times by drama’s (work/family/competing demands/bills), I lose my temper, get stressed! But on the whole, I think, move and feel better! 

And because I have found this amazing tranquility, I continue to be driven to get up each morning for more! 

I found meditation, or it found me, when I was about 17yo.. about to start my final stressful senior year. A classmate suggested his mother, a psychologist, could teach us what he called, 'relaxation skills' (read: 'meditation' although at the time the word was probably a little too 'hippy').

So, one sunny school lunchtime a group of the more 'enlightened' students turned up at the library.. we moved all the furniture aside, lay down on the old, crusty grey carpet... I remember lazily gazing out the window glad to just be lying down for a while...the sun shining, the really blue sky...the tops of the trees blowing in the wind, hearing the kids playing below..the 'shhh-ing' of the library staff outside...

Guided by this gentle voice we found and watched our breath. We heard about 'letting go'.. a little more with each out breath. 

I remember that sense of sinking deeper and deeper into the floor, and everything around me (and inside of me) just s l o w i n g down. My breath seeming to 'disappear' yet there was this feeling that we were instead all breathing the same breath. 

I stepped into this wonderful 'space' that was strangely familiar and amazingly peaceful ~ and this place was inside of me!

More soon...

Namaste Sarah

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