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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Practice, Practice, Practice!

"This is the way you slip into your innermost home:
Close your eyes and surrender"
~ Rumi

I have now been meditating for more than 20 years... on and off!

At times my practice has been quite intense, where I was eager to sit for longer and longer periods; times when I sought out teachers and followed specific techniques with great passion.. and honestly, times when it seemed impossible to find any space to sit at all.. too tired, too busy or too overloaded.

So my own meditation practice has not always been steady, not always consistent, and certainly not always easy. I do the best I can.

What has been more consistent has been my interest in the practice of meditation. I think I have probably read way too many books; I store mountains of articles, newsletters and websites; have chased up all types workshops, classes and retreats, and sat with different teachers, schools and traditions. I recently began facilitating and leading a local meditation group and completed a Meditation Teacher Training Certificate. I am a pretty regular everyday person, I have family commitments, a corporate career, a mortgage and a child. I am also a massage therapist but don't seem to find the time to do that much anymore...

January 2008 : the start of a new year.. and the start of my meditation blog. I wanted a site where we can all explore this thing called meditation... I hope to regularly post helpful tips, links, quotes and articles... look at the ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘how long’... try out some of the hundreds of meditative techniques from around the world today and have some FUN.. and most of all I hope to inspire you to set up your own practice.

I truly believe that Meditation is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, our family and our community.. it really is an essential life skill. I hope to spread the word!

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