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Sunday, 3 February 2008

Seconds to Serenity

Gosh I was busy this week, actually make that frantic!... the type of day(s) where you arrive, have that first coffee and the next milestone is heading out the door home at the end of the day... and it feels like you have been at your desk three hours.

It's just as well that most days I find that I thrive on all the multi-tasking and juggling, but I also have a 'secret weapon'..

I know that in the midst of the busiest and most pressured schedule... I will continue to carve out small moments of bliss : 'short meditations' that give me regular shots of stillness and silence. I know that I will get much more done, and much more effectively and professionally, if I continue to include as many 'short meditation' that I can in my day - to help clear out the mental clutter. This is a perfect antidote to the revving up of a stressful day, one that wont take away my drive but gives my focus and intention much more precision and impact.

Perfect before that difficult meeting... guaranteed to calm me before any presentation... and without a doubt, gives me balance before departing one world (corporate) for my other world (mother).

A two or five minute respite can stop the spinning wheels, allow us to step back a moment and see the path ahead more clearly.

Short Moment Meditation instruction [Pause as long as you find comfortable and possible beween each step but aim for at least 30 seconds.. and practice as often as you can]:

To start:

* Turn off the phones, close the door, put out the 'do not disturb' sign.. no point relaxing and then have someone barge in
* Settle into a relaxed position in a chair or on the floor
* Close your eyes

* Notice how your body weight settles into the chair/floor
* Notice the ease and freshness of your in-breath .. and the release of the out-breath

* Notice how your feet, arms and shoulders gently release their tension as you allow them to really let go.. can you release them a little further on the next out-breath?
* Notice the feel of your clothes against your skin
* Notice the air around your body, the temperature, the movement
* Notice the quiet and the sounds around you
* Notice the rise and fall of your belly
* Notice the sensation of being still
* Notice the amount of life and energy in your body as you find stillness
* Notice the wonderful sense of release and rest you feel now
* Notice your own rhythm of breath
* Notice how relaxed and good you feel right now

Brilliant! Please enjoy....

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