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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Puppy Mindfulness

After all the years of pleading, finally this Christmas a new puppy joined the family! What a joy to have a mischievous and adorable puppy around.. one who loves to snooze, chew anything and race madly through the house chasing imaginary friends!

Last weekend we wanted to spoil him a little, so we bought him a puppy bone. Something we were sure would be the greatest excitement ever..every dogs dream! So with much excitement and cheering, we presented him with this big, juicy bone.

Only thing is..he gave it one look and walked away!

Day’s passed. Bone sitting on the lawn. Nothing more than a random, occasional sniff...

And then I heard myself say “see.. you just need to give him some space and some quiet and he will find the bone.”

His new life has been full-forward busy-ness; exciting, drama filled, frenetic and no doubt challenging... loads of stimuli, all go-go-go! (does this sound familiar?)...a new home, new places to explore, new faces, new playmates and new lessons, new toys, noises and smells!

He was so caught up with all the busy-ness of life ~ he never had time to JUST BE.

When he had some quiet, had sorted out the noise and activity around him... nothing else to do, nowhere else to go... HE FOUND THE JOY OF THE BONE.

Mindfulness practice sits at the heart of Buddhist meditation practice. Mindfulness brings our awareness into sharper focus; helps us pay attention; helps us live in and appreciate the present moment in all its uniqueness and richness.

Mindfulness helps us see what is actually going on by slowing down and fully experiencing the present moment. Paying attention pays off!

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