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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Website, iMac, Classes & a RETREAT

Have you noticed? 
I have (sadly) been missing from this neighbourhood recently.  

Not because I wanted to be away.

But life has gotten seriously busy and topsy-turvy and full .. in a good and positive way, but nonetheless.

2016 took off from the gate at a gallop.  I feel like I haven't really stopped this year, and there have been so many juicy experiences, meetings, collaborations, challenges and 'moments'  .. and in recent weeks I have been focused on:

1. Finishing my new website.  This project has been way bigger and more consuming than I realised.  But I am getting there.  I hope to tell you all the secret new destination and all the new resources and tools .. soon, very soon .. let's agree this is probably going to happen by the end of this month (May)

2. I bought an iMac. Just this week after pondering and contemplating this huge world-order change for about a year.  I definitely had to put on my big-girl pants and take a leap of faith (albeit half pushed by my teen).  So all activities are taking just a little bit longer to complete.  But my brain and neural pathways are going to benefit!

3. Classes and online classes.  All my classes this year have been almost fully booked and the eCourse is currently running - with the next round starting on 1st June due to the waiting list.  Yes.  Happy dance.

4. I am running a retreat.  A long held dream is now live.  I have wanted to host a wellness/yoga-mediation/urban holistic retreat for years.  I have pictures on my vision board.  I was waiting .. for the right person to share this new adventure, and when she arrived .. I JUST KNEW IT WAS TIME!

I met Jennifer Elllinghaus at a business workshop last year.  We actually met at the coffee machine - such a Melbourne story.  I then interviewed Jenny about her yoga, her new book 'Yoga for Travellers' and her meditation practice HERE.

  So, we met up again, after I returned from my meditation intensive in January (about the retreat here) and it just unfolded in our conversation .. we both wanted to share our passion for yoga and meditation.  Jenny will be sharing her passion and extensive knowledge of yoga at the retreat .. I shall be guiding and steering the meditation.

And so, the Bliss Bomb Retreats was born.

If you are located in Melbourne (the retreat is being held in the very cool and very urban, Prahran) and would like a day of self-care .. of yoga, pranayama, mindfulness practices, meditation and yoga nidra .. think .. stretching, shifting inward, engaging, nourishing, rejuvenating, unfolding, laughing and resting.

This is going to be an amazing day: all about YOU!

We have an Early Bird Special available RIGHT NOW

So, please forgive my absence.  

I have so much content and resources to share in our new home online .. just a few more days now.

I am ever grateful that I have my meditation in times like this .. to ride the storm of ups and downs, balance the emotions and transcend the challenges.

Thank you for being part of this journey.

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