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Monday, 9 November 2015

Almost time ..

Have you noticed it has been a bit quiet here of late?

I promise you .. I have been super busy over here in my little meditation space.  I recently finished our last 2015 Exploring Meditation course and this put me into planning mode for our 2016 classes (I shall post these shortly) .. and I have been passionately studying and meditating and reflecting in the final stages of Meditation Teacher Certification with McLean Meditation Institute prior to the Intensive Retreat in January. PLUS I have been stealing late (and early morning) hours for the birth of my new website .. which has been by far the longest journey.  

Somewhat like giving birth 

.. in the beginning along with all the waiting and expectation, there is the sharing of new ideas and everything seems sparkling and exciting - a real labour of love .. and then before you know it you are immersed in tantrums and your 'baby' keeps getting away from you .. there are the late nights of no sleep and arguments over parameters (much like the teenage years). 

My first website started as a blog.  It was a simple time.  I set it up on a sunny afternoon .. and I have loved and tended to it almost daily since.  I tested my likes and dislikes .. colours and fonts, images and voice .. and then suddenly the world appeared much 'cooler' and more sophisticated and I realised there was a world of new possibilities out 'there'.

And so .. over the last many months I have sat at the big dining room table working with my sister and support team (ie. extended family) to nut out what the new home for Quiet Mind Meditation may look like.  I had to learn WordPress and play around with plug-ins and widgets, themes and new parameters .. but ..

.. it is almost ready

This will be a completely new site .. with a new location and new look.   I have taken with me some of the most popular and revisited posts (from the almost 1000 posts here) and over time (at a more leisurely pace) I shall move across even more .. with a little refreshing and prettying up.  

I hope our new home is even more welcoming .. and that it will be easier for you to find what you need (by the way, why don't you take a moment and tell me what you need to support your meditation practice? .. in the comments below) and where I can share with you a whole range of new resources and tools and inspiration.

Stay tuned for the birth announcement.

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