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Monday, 6 April 2015

Pregnancy Pamper Retreat

Pregnancy Pamper Retreat
Sunday 26th APRIL 
Moroccan Lounge, Prahran 
10am - 2pm
 Proudly supporting Miracle Babies Foundation

I am so honoured to be part of the upcoming Pregnancy Pamper Retreat and have put together four sessions (each running 20-30 min.) which I hope will give guests the opportunity to experience (and take home) some valuable meditative practices to nourish their journey.

Session #1 ~ Meditation & life energy

Learning how to listen to, and relax, the body when we need to, can greatly improve the quality and movement of life energy/prana .. which in turn can help support us (mum and baby) when we are feeling tired and stressed. Experience a guided Mindfulness of Body and Breath practice.

Session #2 ~ Meditative Exercises for Overwhelm
Meditative Exercises are simple, practical and straightforward practices that can have a significant impact on our mood and sense of well-being, acting as a circuit-breaker to rising levels of stress and overwhelm. Collaborating with our breathe, we can self-manage stress and radically improve the quality of our day to day lives. We shall explore 3 Meditative Exercises Focused on the Breath.

Session #3 ~ Finding Focus and Letting Go (preparing for the birth)
A meditation technique provides the mind with something to focus on .. so that our body can relax and our mind quieten, while we remain in the present moment. With practice our meditation technique can become a solid anchor to ground us in preparation for labour. Exploring a Zen Breath Counting Meditation.

Session #4 ~ Gentle Resting with a Mantra
In mantra meditation the object of attention is a short word, phrase or sound, repeated over and over; said aloud, or repeated silently in your mind.  When we totally immerse ourselves in our mantra, it starts to weave itself into the rhythm and sensation of our breath .. like a seductive song or lullaby, without our needing to ‘do’ anything.  Experience the 'Breathing in .. Breathing out’ Mantra.

I spoke about my own experience with meditation during my pregnancy and subsequent birth experience here.

And .. I truly believe that meditation is one of the best EVER gifts you can give to yourself and your baby during pregnancy! 

Join me at the Pregnancy Pamper Retreat ..  'where pregnancy Day Spa meets rejuvenating Mums Day Out', and experience a range of sensational pampering treatments by qualified therapists, gourmet canapes & wholesome organic treats, in a stunningly exotic and intimate space.  I shall be leading guided meditation practices, and discussing meditative exercises to support and nourish you throughout your pregnancy.

*I believe that meditation is a life skill that everyone can learn.  And I believe that learning to calm and relax - when you need and want to - is a wonderful early benefit of meditation. I am therefore a proud Affiliate of the Pregnancy Pamper Retreat and if you purchase your ticket through my affiliate link (above) I shall earn a commission (which is lovely) .. I only do this for those services or products that I trust, love and use myself.  Thank you so much for your support!


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