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Monday, 9 March 2015

Temple Body - Temple Mind

I am currently holding my Exploring Meditation course at the most beautiful and professional gym.  Who would have thought .. definitely not me .. but one day I drove past this very cool new venue in my area, and just knew that I had to meet with the owners and see inside the frosted glass window facade.

Total Reformation Health & Well being Centre brings together clinical nutrition and functional medicine .. "consider us your personal detective who seek to identify and correct your underlying causes and conditions that has lead you to your current health and well being complaints".

I can see a tremendous value in partnering meditation and fitness activities.

Going to the gym and working on my fitness is a way to build a strong and healthy body. Using strength and cardio training, and looking after my nutritional needs, will in time improve my overall fitness and health. 

Meditation is also like training .. mind training 

A regular meditation practice exercises the mind, so that it becomes more efficient and effective in tolerating and managing stress, improving focus and awareness, and develops a greater resilience to the constant changes and challenges that naturally occur in life.

Research recently published in the Journal of Health Psychology looked into the concept of mindfulness during exercise.

Researchers from Utrecht University discovered that those who were mindful ~ concentrating on the feeling of each muscle as it contracted, or being aware of hunger pangs, or taking note pacing spikes and declines while exercising ~ tended to show more satisfaction with their workouts.

"According to lead researcher Kalliopi-Eleni Tsafou: 'The message is that mindfulness may amplify satisfaction, because one is satisfied when positive experiences with physical activity become prominent. … For those experiences to be noticed, one must become aware of them. We would argue that this can be achieved by being mindful.”

Full article 'Mindful Workout Benefits' here


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