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Monday, 30 March 2015

SIYLI - Day One

Here I am in Sydney (Australia) attending the two day Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) training.  And its been a great Day One .. starting with the warm arrival from the army of blue t-shirt clad Wake Up Project team members who greeted everyone with chocolates (lovingearth raw organic coconut mylk chocolate bar) .. kindness cards and lanyards .. before directing us to select a notebook .. really cute and I love stationery (always).  So the air was full of kindness and warmth .. and the day progressed with that same flavour.

Have you read Chade Meng-Tang's book Search Inside Yourself? 

If so, then this overview is not going to hold many surprises as Day One followed the flow of this excellent book .. although with a little more insight and flair from the two presenters Linda Curtis and Dr Laura Delizzona.  

But for those of you who expressed interest in finding out a little more about the training today .. I have tried to put the highlights into the following slides. *Please note that it has been a long day and I am super tired .. so if you notice any little grammar or spelling errors .. let it go!  Meditation is all about 'letting go'.  AND, I should let you know that we did LOTS OF PRACTICE!  For each key point below .. there was a practical application or exercise ... and practice is the best part!

I shall be flying back home after the training tomorrow .. so my slide update for Day Two will follow the following day.  


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