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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Busting the Stress of Busyness

Today I started working in my new office .. it's actually a co-working arrangement where I am sharing a beautiful, quirky space initially for one day a week .. so that hopefully I can get a little more productive and find a little more space for creative projects.

AND as I was waiting for my mid-morning latte at the cafe across the road, I happened to pick up the February edition of Mamamag .. to find my article printed on page 36!


I wrote about 'Busting The Stress of Busyness' and introduced two wonderful, practical and powerful Meditative Exercises for mums (and kids, and parents, and grandparents .. and everyone!) that allow us to be more proactive in self managing our stress.

Once we have these exercises in our life toolbox we will naturally find moments during the day to engage with them .. while waiting in the car for school to finish, while the kids are napping, or before heading to the next meeting.

The more you practice these exercises, the more you build your ability to release tension and stress, and connect with that feeling of calm that is always within.

Thanks Mamamag!

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