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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Meditation Bell .. a call to calm

On my recent visit to Bali .. I experienced the best massage e-v-e-r!

I am a trained remedial massage therapist (no longer practicing) so my expectations around massage can be high .. but I was totally lost in the sublime massage at Jari Menairi (Seminyak), along with the gorgeous surroundings, caring staff and totally indulgent 75 minute self care session.

While waiting for my girlfriends, I spent some time with the staff in the little shop out front and was so excited to find that they sold these gorgeous meditation chimes.  I find the Tibetan Singing bowls to be a little fiddly and time consuming to use in group meditation sessions .. and have been waiting for the 'right' chime or bell to find me.

In meditation a bell or chime is often used to indicate the start and finish of practice .. we follow the sound of the bell as a pathway to inner stillness .. listening to the sound until the sound merges into silence.

Sometimes a bell will also be used at intervals through meditation to indicate time frames while also acting as a reminder to come back to the present moment.

"The bell is an invitation to meditation.  An invitation to rest and enjoy the breathing in and breathing out between the sounds of the bell.  The sound is there to help you concentrate and enjoy your breathing".
Thich Nhat Hanh

Jari Menari, translates to 'Dancing Fingers', which describes the flow of fingers during this wonderfully effective massage. 

Learn to Meditate
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