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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Wondered about meditation?

A Taste of Meditation
Wed. 15th October 
Black Rock $45

Meditation is a powerful LIFE TOOL that can help us tap into a much deeper sense of calm and ease in life.  

Learning (and implementing) some simple Meditative Exercises can bring almost immediate benefits to our day; while longer practices bring a beautiful expanded awareness and connection with life. 

Wondered what all the hype is about?  

In this class we shall jump straight into learning some magical Meditative Exercises so you can start self managing your stress and overwhelm right away ~ and also learn how you can modify these practices to start a regular more traditional meditation practice.  

*Introduction: A clear, straightforward and practical understanding of what meditation is, and isn't, including a quick review of the ‘how’ and the ‘why’

*Meditative Exercises: introduction to the power of Meditative Exercises .. brief and immediately beneficial exercises that come from more traditional techniques but are grounded in basic human physiology, activating the calming nervous pathways of the parasympathetic system to reduce stress and initiate the relaxation response.  These exercises may take only a few minutes but are excellent circuit-breakers to rising stress, can be practiced right in the ‘heat of the moment’ and almost immediately bring a greater sense of ease and calmness.

*Longer (but not too long) traditional meditation practices: A guided meditation that focuses on a deeper sense of inner stillness based on Mindfulness of Breath and Body Awareness practices.

*Answering any Questions

Investment $45 - Value priceless!

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