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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sunday Pause 17 August 2014

Welcome to the Sunday Pause .. join me as I wander through some of the inspiring, creative and simply funny stuff that I saw online this week!

.. this is how I have felt all week .. jumping with pure natural unencumbered joy!

Reason?  I am about to take a two week holiday.  On an island.  With blue sky and warm tropical water. With loads of relaxation, meditation, yoga, beach walks and laughter.

This is a dream come true.

If you would like to join me on my tropical adventures you can best do so on:

Once I get back I hope to have a goodie bag of new meditation offerings .. I have ideas for a little free video course, a new e-book and a new meditation coaching offering.

And with the arrival of Spring (here in Australia) there are new classes started including:

Exploring Meditation
(6 week course)
Location: Black Rock, Melbourne
Time: Wednesdays 6.30-8pm
More Exploring Meditation details here

Quiet Mind Meditation E-Course
31 days of email instruction, tips, articles, guided meditations and loads of support and motivation to get you started with a regular meditation practice.
More details on the E-Course here

And finally .. my favourite picture of the week (from my Instagram account)  .. my best friend after a good healthy afternoon walk in the sunshine

I hope you had a magnificent and relaxing weekend .. and an even more brilliant week ahead .. please excuse me if I do not have a Sunday Pause for you all next week.  Highly likely that wi-fi will be patchy .. but on my return I will have loads of photos and adventures to share.

and please tell me your favourite weekend website in the comments below so we can share the love next week ..

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  1. Have a lovely bresak. I look forward to following on Insta. x



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