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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

LinkedIn .. want to link up?

Are you on LinkedIn?

I set up my profile some time ago but I have not nourished it nearly enough. So this morning I spent a few minutes (over my coffee) getting reaquainted and making a few new friends. 

This last month I have seen a huge increase in corporate inquiries about bringing meditation into the workplace .. just this month alone, I have two five week onsite programs running and two workshops.

Most of my private meditation sessions are also with stressed out executives who have come to realise that 'enough is enough' and stress, overwhelm and anxiety are health issues that can be self managed through meditation, and relaxation practices.  

If you have a work issue - you sort it out!  If you have a stress issue - you sort it out!

You go to the gym for the health and wellbeing of your body .. what about your mind?

If you would like to be friends on LinkedIn you can find me here ..

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