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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sunday Pause 15 June 2014

Welcome to the Sunday Pause .. join me as I wander through some of the inspiring, creative and simply funny stuff that I saw online this week!

Many of you will know that I have been working feverishly away at B-School these past few months .. and I was so excited to see one of my B-Schooler colleagues presenting at Brisbane Writers Festival Inspire Happiness event .. introducing Toni Powell - and an excellent, funny and engaging presentation!

This week was a real mixed bag .. my online wandering led me astray more than once .. hence why this article on the History of the To Do List and How to Make One that Actually Works was timely .. 

I am definitely a list-writer but find that I end up with multiple lists, one many different bits of paper and back of envelopes and inside journals .. not productive at all!

Which is why I liked this freebie that my sister sent me Busy Blogger's Day Planner .. which you might like to download and use ..

and I revisited this very popular technique for getting things done 

and along the same lines from Oprah .. an insight into the importance of daily rituals for setting the 'tone' of our day so that we become more mindful and more motivated to get things done .. from Super Soul Sunday 

Here is a list that I could relate to (and I got a few ticks for doing some of these already ..my favourite being the solution to falling jean zippers) here is Sarah Wilson's list of 'things to do to make a difference' .. that's a positive difference to the planet

and a list would probably have helped me become a millionnaire before I hit 30yo .. alas that time has passed.

Ooooh .. I loved this latest offering from Gabby Bernstein .. in fact I really really want to do a similar video but she is way too sassy and good at this .. so I want to share her take on 'You Don't Have Time to Meditate?'

.. and this week I did finally get my 10 minute beachside meditation up onto YouTube (thanks to my daughter who did the editing and graphics) .. I filmed this over Summer and I love watching it again and again as a reminder of those carefree, sunny days of wandering .. check it out if you need a little escape (just visuals and nature sounds) 

.. and one day I would love to host some meditation gatherings under one of these .. in a field somewhere near the water, perhaps at a festival, with children and adults, nature and magic ..

One thing you may not know .. is that in a past life I worked in the corporate world and sometimes I still run Interview Coaching workshops .. and during my online travels this week I found a great site to share .. for those interested in Psychometric testing or worried about what they might entail ..

And this evening I am again spellbound by the beautiful Agnes Obel .. having just received her new video 'Words Are Dead' .. 

Wishing you a magnificent and relaxing weekend .. 

and please tell me your favourite weekend website in the comments below so we can share the love next week..

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