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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

A note from the Universe

Life has been so busy of late .. I am behind on so many of my dearly loved projects (and other 'stuff' that I know I should be finishing) .. and there is a lot of emotion going around at the moment in my little world, a little bit of overwhelm as we learn to live with changing relationships, sadness and hurtful feelings.  Trying to support and share with those we love.

I wanted to snuggle under the blankets this morning .. and ignore the world!

But I knew that when things are 'close' and occupying my mind, then this is the time when I really need my meditation practice.  Because by meditating I enter that place of solace and calm so that life has a moment to catch up and re-settle into its groove.

So I got up and set my timer.

And because my mind was already busy with the fluff and bubble of life dramas .. I took up the mantra 'Breathing in .. Breathing out' and started to slowly settle.

And then when I felt ready I let that mantra softly drift away .. and I just rested with my breath.

And in that deeper silence when all is quiet and still .. I kept hearing a new mantra, words that were beckoning me to listen ..

Breathing in .. Calm
Breathing out .. Letting Go

So I brought this new mantra into my awareness and when I sensed the energy of a thought approaching .. I gently engaged with 'Breathing in .. Calm ~ Breathing out .. Letting Go'

.. and as the distraction passed I left the mantra simply float away

Breathing in .. Calm
Breathing out .. Letting Go

It was a delightful (and settling) meditation this morning.

I think it is important to be aware and open to what comes up for you in your meditation.  Not thinking .. but being receptive to the mantra (or words) that the Universe might present to you.

what do you think?

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