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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Using the Senses to slow down

Our Sunday Meditation Series is starting again in March at the beautiful Ihana Yoga (Hampton Street, Hampton).

We like to suggest a 'theme' for our meditation class and this month the theme is 'Slowing Down'.

Meditation is an ancient practice in which we naturally shift from ‘thinking’ mind to ‘sensing’ mind. When we feel the wind in our hair, indulge in our favourite chocolate or smell the wild ocean .. we shift from a thinking mindset to a sensing one. When we are totally absorbed in the moment, captured by our senses, this is often described as being “in the zone” and in this space time seems to expand and slow down. 

By focusing on a sense (touch, sight, sound, smell, taste) we gently shift internally to a place of calmness and ease. 

Each Sunday we shall practice a different meditation technique, so that you can find the one that best suits you .. exploring the senses in order to slow down.

Interested in using the senses as an anchor in meditation?

I have posted before about focusing on the senses as our achor in meditation here:

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