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Monday, 20 January 2014

Mmmmm Bee Breath Meditative Exercise

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Based on a yoga pranayama (breathwork) practice known as Brahmari (Sanskrit word for 'bee') this Meditative Exercise encourages a deep 'letting go' of the breath, the jaw (because we often clench) and voice (because we often hold our voice). 

This exercise is soothing both for the natural lengthening of the exhalation, and also the vibration of the hum which helps ease a racing mind and loosen the throat. As a variation you can also use your thumbs to block your ears to intensify the sound and help draw your attention inward. 

* Start with just observing your natural breath .. noticing how you are breathing in this moment .. strong, patchy, long or short, deep or shallow? Just notice 
* Then, keeping your lips lightly sealed, inhale through the nostrils and as you exhale, sound the letter Mmmmmmm (the buzzing sound) 
* Sustain the Mmmmmm as long as comfortable or until you have exhaled completely (right through to the very end of the breath before your body asks you to inhale again) 
* Repeat. 
* Inhaling through the nose and humming as a bee as you exhale. Try not to force or control the breath as this will only cause stress; just slow and steady. 
* Continue for as long as you need to (for several minutes if comfortable) as the longer you sustain the humming exhalation the more relaxing the practice.  
Bee Breath can be used to encourage relaxation as part of your regular daily practice, or as a remedy in the 'heat of the moment'. The longer you continue the exercise the more relaxing the practice is likely to be, but do not force your breath as this will have the reverse effect and cause undue stress. Inhale when you need to and allow a rhythm to naturally unfold - never forcing the breath. 

And when you have finished the exercise spend a few moments just sitting quietly and noticing how your breath and mind 'feel' before returning to your day. 

* The Bee Breath practice is just one exercise from our "Meditative Exercises : Simple and Effective Exercises for Everyday Life" E-Book which is available on our STORE page ($9.95) 

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