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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Eye of the Tornado

I was reminded this week - as the calendar starts to fill up - of how busy and 'mad' life becomes at this time of year.

And I remembered an article written by Sarah Wilson (whose blog I love) about her meeting with Deepak Chopra.  

Sarah asked Deepak how he manages it all .. the appearances, the travel, the writing, the Chopra centre, the online stuff, his family .. his life .. and Deepak said:

“My body travels. I never leave home.”


And I know this to be so true.  

With a regular meditation practice we find an inner calmness where we can stand grounded and focused even when our life is full of chaos .. calm amongst the busyness, noise and competing demands.

We might be in ‘the eye of a tornado’ but meditation shows us that we need never leave home; wherever the body might be travelling, consciousness can stand in that centre of absolute peace and calmness.

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