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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Let It Out .. Thinking in Meditation

In class last night we spoke a lot about thoughts .. thoughts that interrupt and disrupt our meditation (and our life).

I suggested a Buddhist practice called 'labelling' (or 'naming') that when in meditation we can use to label a thought ('work' or 'hungry' or 'angry') and then let that thought go.

This is an excellent tool for learning what it is that occupies our mind-space.

Another option is to LET IT OUT. If there are persistent, loud or inspiring thoughts that wont let up .. then rather than try to hold back the tide .. give yourself a few minutes to just run free with your thoughts.

Unless we are still and listen .. when will we hear those inner voices that always speak and direct us.

How can you LET IT OUT - writing, speaking, singing, painting, creating, witnessing, sharing, deleting .. what do you need to hear or let go?

I spoke more about labelling/naming HERE

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