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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The FB realm

I do enjoy reading my Facebook feed and hearing about some of the amazing things going on in the world .. but I admit to being constantly puzzled by the random-ness and spooky synchronicity that often occurs in the FB-realm.
There are many (many) days when I read my morning feed .. and the SAME message is rolling around my little global tribe.  How does that work?  I admit to feeling a warm sense of being part of some flow of world consciousness.  I jump in, share and get great feedback, comments and LIKES.
Other times .. less so. 
Sometimes I post something that resonates with me, feels insightful, playful or sweet .. and nothing, nada, zip, zero response from my lovely community (that has been happening a lot lately). Don't get it!
And then .. a surprise .. like earlier this week when I felt inclined to post a favourite quote (see above) just for my own amusement and because I wanted to share a new photograph (from my recent personal seaside retreat) and ...
BAM ..
It goes sort-of-viral (well viral for me .. many hundreds of readers rather than just a few) ..
somehow I hit a nerve .. a button .. a flow out there in the world ..
I have deduced however that there is no concrete rhyme or reason.  You can't manufacture flow. 
Like meditation .  You cant 'make' meditation happen .. you just have to be willing to sit and commit and wait see what happens.
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