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Friday, 1 February 2013

Sunday Meditation Series

(4 classes $50 or $15 casual) 

Dates: Sundays in September 2014 (7th,14th, 21st, 28th)

Meditation is an ancient practice that invites us to STOP, BREATHE and BE STILL .. quite naturally we then begin to notice that between all the noise and busyness is a really deep inner peacefulness. 

The September sessions will be a month of mindfulness meditation where we shall cultivate our ability to rest our awareness on our body and breath, expanding our ability to sit with distractions and embrace moments of deep peacefulness within.

Offering a unique opportunity to experience both a guided meditation and silence our practice will include:

(a) a guided meditation practice that be inspired by a range of traditions and techniques, 

.. followed by ..

(b) a silent meditation practice where we shall each sit in stillness with our own personal meditation practice, yet share the support and magic of group energy.

Our goal is to encourage students to build a regular personal meditation practice during the Winter months .. a time when Mother Nature beckons us to slow down and find solace indoors ~ when it is natural for our awareness to shifts inward and take on a more reflective tone.

Class is limited to 20 participants.

JOIN US for a weekly dose of stillness, setting a solid foundation of calmness for the week ahead

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