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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Dream Board Meditation Retreat

Kuramathi Spa, Maldives

Today I am dreaming of far off places .. golden sands .. swaying palms .. warm tropical breezes.. and teaching meditation on a platform just like this surrounded by turquoise above and below ...

How magical!

During my 'lunch hour' reading one particular email jumped out at me today .. announcing a beautiful new island spa in the Maldives (it is Kuramathi Spa) which has launched a new program ..

"Following a new philosophy “the essence of well-being” and the desire to take the Spa experience to a new level, Kuramathi now manages its own Spa .. your ultimate gateway to connect with your inner self and attain a state of tranquility" .. with meditation being introduced along with Yoga classes "to bring balance to the mind, body and soul".

The first picture for my Dream Board 2013

I would LOVE to share my passion for meditation with international guests enjoying a break from their normal busy lives .. those on 'holiday time' with the spaciousness to explore, engage and delight in the wonderful benefits of a regular meditation practice.

Can you imagine a sunrise or sunset class in this amazing room above?

I now just have to wait for the call!  :-)

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  1. Hope you will get your call asap! Good Luck. :)



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