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Friday, 5 October 2012

A little Meditation Tip

Responding to our Facebook tribe who are asking for more 'how to' posts .. next week I am going to have a daily meditation instruction for you to follow each morning .. to start your day right!

These simple, practical meditative moments will help you bring a greater sense of calmness and peacefulness into your daily life.

You will find these Tips listed here later in the day .. or you can LIKE our Facebook page and get a message first thing every morning.

Then you have to DO IT!  .. hold it, taste it, test it out and engage with it. 

And to start us off today ..

stop whatever you are doing 
close your eyes
find your breath

take a deep inhalation ..
and feel the rib cage lift and the chest expand

and as you let go of the breath ..
allow your shoulders to drop and release

rise and fall

breath and body

three breaths just watching (more if you like)
then smile and return to your day

(*do this practice right now .. and as many times during the day as you like*)

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